Europe: een brug te ver ??

Een brug te ver ??

Europe : een brug te ver ?

Uit de serie: Fort Europa : een brug te ver

Acryl op papier,  2015

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    The Italian prime minister, Matteo Renzi, has called on the EU to take responsibility for rescuing migrants attempting the sea crossing, and on the UN to help curb the flow of refugees from Libya.

    Just pay the smugglers somewhat less not to take them and interdict on the high seas those criminals who set out anyway.

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    Why are we wringing hands over this? Many readers would’ve preferred these people be deported ASAP – or actually never even allowed to land on EU soil – so why get upset that they were neutralized on the high seas?

    People who can afford to pay upwards of $1300 to be smuggled into EU are already doing pretty well or have access to pooled cash from family friends. But they love our EU so much they’re not willing to respect immigration law and try to come here legally.

    Not my fault you were born Sudanese…